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What is Remy Hair Viva

remy hair viva

Remy Hair Viva is  a popular website that specializes in the sale of Remy hair extensions and products on today’s market since when it said it was conceived in 1991. They provide same day shipping in the USA along with unbelievably low prices which have been reduced significantly. They offer all the popular brands in […]

Buy Remy Hair Extensions Online

Chinese Remy Hair Lace Wig

In today’s world where Remy hair extensions have been marketed and sold from physical stores on a daily basis in preceding years, this business has shifted and will continue to take a drastic turn to online stores where consumers shop and buy Remy hair products virtually. This method is a shift the world has taken […]

The Definition of Remy VS Virgin Hair

synthetic hair vs remy hair

This article is to inform you of the differences and meaning of different hair weaves. There are several popular human hair weaves available and knowing the difference will help you make an informative decision in picking the right weave whether you choose Remy, Yaky, Brazilian, Mongolian, Italian, Chinese, European, Peruvian, Russian or Virgin hair.

Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair Extensions

Brazilian Remy Human Hair

Everywhere you go there is somebody selling some virgin Remy hair – or so they claim. You will find them online, in stores and there are even persons selling these out of their car trunks.  You must expect that many of these sellers are those simply jumping on a band wagon since they realize that […]

Review of Brazilian Remy Hair Extensions

Brazilian and Remy-when these two words are combined, you will get the highest quality of hair extensions ever sold in the market today. Many women today usually prefer Brazilian hair extensions since they give hair a more natural look and longer hair life compared to an average hair extension. They are also more suitable for […]

What Type of Remy Hair Should I Choose?

bulk remy hair

The type of Remy hair you should choose is solely up to you but if you still need a little help we are here for you. No matter what type of Remy hair you use as long as it is 100% Remy hair then you should be able to get your desired look with the help […]

Why Women Love Brazilian Hair

Brazilian Remy Curly

Women love the versatility that hair extensions provide to them. Among the most popular hair extensions on the market currently are the Brazilian hair extensions. These provide women with a way to wear their hair curly when they want and straight when they want. It allows women to have immense fullness and bounce with shiny […]

Brazilian Hair Extensions – Are they Really Virgin Hair


There are so many retailers advertising their hair extension products as Virgin Remy hair but this is not always the case. There is a growing trend of mixing hairs so that you can purchase a hair extension that contains a small amount of actual Remy hair mixed with non Remy human hair and even with synthetic hair. This is especially prevalent when […]

Choosing The Best Remy Wavy Hair

Wavy Brazillian Remy Hair

Remy hair is 100% human hair with the  cuticles in tact and all facing the same direction. (I say this in almost all my posts specifically for me new readers who are reading and researching about Remy hair for the first time.) This type of hair is the very best option for your hair extensions […]

Caring For your Virgin Curly Remy Hair

Virgin Curly Remy Hair

No matter what kind of virgin Remy hair you choose as your preferred hair extensions you will need to know the proper care for that type of hair in order for your hair to last longer and look better over time. Not all hair maintenance is the same and if you are choosing curly Remy […]

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