Styling your Remy Hair Extension

Women change their hairstyles for a variety of reasons and sometimes their own hair can’t create a certain hairstyle without some dramatic change so they opt to use hair extensions such as the best quality Remy hair extension. But others choose to use hair extensions because they provide them with a lot more diversity in hair styling htan their natural hair can. For others hair extensions are just easier and look better than their natural hair and so they take the plunge.

When choosing a hairstyle you can find websites that allow you to upload your picture then you can get to see if the style would suit you before you commit to the hairstyle. Or you could simply choose to have a consultation with a stylist who can give you a truly personal opinion on which hairstyle would suit you most. If you are still not sure here are a couple styling options for your Remy hair extension.

  1. Decorate your hair with hair ornaments that feature flowers, sequins or beads. You can find a number of hair pins, hair sticks and diamante clips to use in your hair. Explore what works the best with your face’s shape. Try out side and center parts both when wearing your hair in a ponytail or when wearing it out.
  2. Try adding braids to your hair. These are not only beautiful but also prevent your hair from becoming tangled and also help to diminish the amount of dirt that gets caught in the hair. No longer are braids only for school aged kids as there are a number of options for braiding that can give off a mature and even sexy look. Try single braids down the back or a side swept braid down one shoulder. There is also different types of braids such as the fishtail braid or the braid so you will see that braiding offers you alot of optiosn for gre versatility just from braids alone. ou can also add hair accesories to your braids as you wish or as necessary to make them more interesting.
  3. Buns are another way to change your hairstyle when using a remy hair extensions. You can make a delicate bun and decorate it with flowers or beads or you can make a tight sleek bun that creates a professional office look. Buns are great for all types of occasions and  a messy bun is great to be worn casually. You can position your bun high up on the top of your head, to the middle or low down to the nape of your neck all of which will give you a different look.
  4. The long ponytail is a nother great option for you remy hair extensions. You can use a curling iron to create loose curls or you can leave your hair straight and sleek for a simple and professional loking pony tail. You can create a traditional ponytail to the back of your head or you can create a swide swept ponytail that drapes over one shoulder.
  5. Then there is the Half Up hairstyle which is a very intersting one. You can do this with either curly or straight hair. Make two simple parts  approximatley an inch apart then bring the top part up securing it with an elastic, some bobby pins or a clip. Take a thin layer of hair to cover the clips if you don’t wnat them to shoe and use one pin the same color of your hair or close to hide it.

You see you can mix each of the above hairstyles as well, for instacne you can create a braided bun, creat a bun with a half up, make a half up with flowers or beaded accesories etc. These hair styles can work well with anybody who likes to wear hair extensions and if your natural hair is long enough they will be good options too. But when it comes to sytling a Remy hair extension another thing to consider is the way your natural hair is cut. This will affect the way your hair extension blends with your hair so you will want to ensure you have the right cut for your hair extension to look the best.

For Long and Straight Hair

Your hairstylist will use thinning shears to blend your remy hair extension and your natural hair but having a certain haircut prior to adding the hair extensions can really improve the look of the hair extension once it is done. The best haircut for optimal blending of a remy hair extension in straight hair is long layered cut. If your hair is not cut this way you can ask your stylist to do it prior to your hair installatio or youcan ask them to create medium to long layers in your hair after the hair extension has been installed.

For Curly or Wavy Hair

Women with curly hair may believe that it will be hard to integrate their curls with a remy hair extension but curly and wavy hair work really well to blend together for a remy hair extension installation. You will need to do some hair typing prior to getting your Remy hair just to ensure that you don’t get a remy hair extension that is far too diferent where the wave pattern is concerned.

The best advice though is to get a stylist that is a specialist in installing and styling Remy hair extensions to analyze your hair. Though ther are some rules that go across different hair types there are also some hair types that need special treatment. So it may all be down to your hair type and texture and a specialist will be the most likely person to give you the best advice on a cut and style that will be suitable for your hair, your face and your lifestyle.

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