The Difference Between Remy and Non Remy Human Hair

There is a constant debate about remy hair and non remy hair but there is also the debate about the difference between remy hair and non remy human hair. A lot of people will just choose hair e once they are human hair extensions but this is because they don’t know any better. Anyone who has ever used remy hair or has ever run their fingers through remy hair will never want to choose non remy human hair over authentic remy hair. So what is the difference between the two?

Remy Hair

This type of hair is very popular, so much so if you were to search for it on Google you would get over 7.6 million results in under 0.31 seconds. As far has hair quality goes, remy hair is what we could call premium – the gold standard of hair extensions. This type of hair is gathered in a way so that all the roots of the hair can be found at one end and all the tips of the hair can be found at the opposite end. This ensures that the hairs remain undisturbed so they fall better, last longer and feel and look the most natural. This is the feature that sets remy hair apart from other types of hair extensions even if they are human hair extensions.

There are two categories of remy hair and these categories are used for business purposes. There is the Single Drawn Remy Hair and the Double Drawn remy hair.

Single Drawn Remy Hair

With single drawn hair – the hair is removed from the donor’s hair by shaving their head. Real care is taken to ensure that even the shortest hair is kept with the longer hairs. This enables the hair extension to have a very natural look and gives a ponytail appearance.

Double Drawn Remy Hair

The double drawn hair is the best quality remy hair you will find. All the hairs in a piece are of the same length to give hair an even length all over. This hair type is more expensive since it takes a tremendous amount of time for someone to sit and physically sort strands of hair so that they are all even in terms of their length. The best quality remy hair extensions are made with double drawn hair and are referred to as double drawn remy. Double drawn remy hair are further divided into three categories: Quality A, Quality B and Quality C.

Quality A

This type of double drawn remy hair is sorted so that all the hair strands are exactly the same lengths.

Quality B

This type of double drawn remy hair may have length differences of 1 – 2 inches between lengths.

Quality C

This type of double drawn remy hair may have hair lengths with differences in excess of 2 inches but most hairs are within a certain range of length.

Non Remy Human Hair

This type of hair is very popular and is readily available as well. They call this type of hair “fallen hair”. This hair has both the roots and the tips mixed up so that all the hairs are not running in the same direction. Just like remy hair, non remy human hair is sold in different categories.

Tangle Free Non Remy Hair

This type of hair undergoes the shaving off of the cuticles or sometimes the ends of the hair. This reduces the possibility of friction between hair strands and as such allows the hair to remain tangle free as the name suggests. These hairs are all of the same length and is probably the best quality type of non remy human hair you can find but it is not the best hair extension you can find.

Normal Non Remy Hair

This type of hair has the cuticles present but the hair is bundled in different directions so at both ends you have both ends and tips of the hair. This type of hair is thus very prone to tangling and matting.

Non Remy Single Drawn Hair

In this type of non remy human hair the hairs have a length difference of up to 2 inches so some hairs may be two inches shorter than others. This type of hair also doesn’t tangle very easily as the cuticles of this type of hair has been shaved off as well.

Non Remy Double Drawn Hair

Like the double drawn remy hair this type of hair is sorted so that all the hair strands are of the same length. This can be considered as a good quality non remy human hair extension but it is still not the best quality and definitely not as good as remy hair. This type of hair also has the cuticles shaved off.
The only thing that should be left standing between you and remy hair is the price. You will find that there is a marked price difference between remy hair and non remy hair and some women who cannot go up to the price of the remy hair settle with the non remy human hair. But overall when you look at the durability of the remy hair you may find that it is well worth it to choose the remy hair over the non remy human hair.

If you want the best then you should choose remy hair. If you are having problems affording remy hair then you should do an internet search for “sale on remy hair”, “affordable remy” or on other such terms. At times sellers have amazing sales; I have seen sales for up to 80% off the price of remy hair. But before you make your purchase, ensure you read a couple reviews for the website that is having the sale especially if it is your first time purchasing remy hair or purchasing it online. Ensure you read their return policy as well as know if they have a refund policy before you buy. This will save you any trouble in the event you are not satisfied with the quality of the product you purchase or did not receive the product at all.

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  1. March 30, 2014

    […] Non Remy hair is not always synthetic hair. non remy hair can be human hair but due to the way in which it was collected it has to be processed with chemicals. For instance a majority of non remy hair comes from the floors of salons or when hair is cut for purposes other than solely creating hair extensions. The hair is processed by being given an acid bath to get rid of cuticles and then they are covered with silicone to provide them with a shiny and smooth look. […]

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