What is Remy Hair?

In the real life situations, the majority of people were not born with naturally lovely hair but due to the availability of many types of hair extensions in the current century, it is not easy to differentiate whether the hair is natural or is in fact an extension. The task of looking for a decent hair extension is not easy and it may be frightening to many people. Is it all about the quality or the cost of extensions that you consider? If your answer is yes, then the best of these is the Indian virgin Remy hair. It gives a good visual impression that looks nice and what’s best is that you can style and care for it in a number of ways so you can say it is versatile and will last very long.

Hair extensions and wigs are being used by many individuals, mostly females, who would like to change their appearance. Each and every individual has a reason for choosing to use the hair extensions they choose. There are some people who prefer using hair extensions because they have thin hair due to chemotherapy treatment for cancer infections and other physical reasons. Whatever the cost, people who have thin or short hair or less than healthy looking hair sometimes want to add extensions to lengthen, add volume or to change their look.  Remy hair provides a natural look which makes it the best preferred alternative to anyone who desires to achieve a natural look.

The main grade of real and natural hair from a human’s head that can be bought to be used for hair extensions is what is called natural hair but Remy hair is more than that. The best and and most durable extensions and wigs can only be obtained from human hair. The hairs’ cuticles are normally kept together in Remy hair hence it is considered as the best type of human hair. In order to create a piece of hair that entirely looks natural, you need to maintain and align the hairs’ cuticles in a fashion that is unidirectional to allow for weaving to bring about extension or wig. This is what you can achieve with Remy hair.

To those who use hair extensions alot, Remy hair is considered as the best available hair extension that gives a completely natural look to any individual no matter what their race is. It has attractive qualities that make it the best choice for hairpieces and wigs. You will also find Remy hair referred to as virgin hair, cuticle hair or raw hair.

Some Facts about Remy Hair

A lot of people believe in the myth that all hair extensions can be used interchangeably and that they are all equally made. However, this is not the case, you need to keenly study the acquisition of the hair by the company and the criterion they employ in the manufacture of their hair extension products. Always strive to get the best quality of whatever you use your money to purchase.

Remy hair is the best and while you are in need of an extension, this is the one you should choose if you want high quality hair that looks and feels natural and that will last a long time. Its great look and texture can be attributed to the fact that the hairs are normally assembled facing one direction. This offers a smooth lay which will not easily tangle. It is therefore important that you consider this idea since there are some companies which do not bother to consider these factors.

By definition, Remy hair is a type of hair extension that has been collected from one hair donor with its cuticles aligned in one direction with no exposure. It has been realized that many of the human hair extensions that people normally purchase from different hair extension firms usually go through a process known as an acid-bath. Thereafter, there is the addition of silicone on the cuticles which offers a shiny faux and a soft appearance. Remy hair does not tangle due to the alignment of the cuticles and are intact without the application of silicone. Since the cuticles are in tact there is no need to do the acid bath to add shine and softness to the  hair.

Brief Geography about Remy hair

Indian Remy hair is the most highly available hair extensions across the world. This is because it has a texture and color which most of the world’s ethnic groups can easily match. It can also be found from East Asia, Europe and South America. Its origin is not too important but instead the care that is given to it during the process of taking it from the donor and getting it to you. Many people prefer the Asian hair type e.g Chinese and Japanese due to their durability, heaviness and strength and how easy they are to style up.




Characteristics of Remy Hair

The main features that distinguish Remy hair from other types of hair extensions is that it is shiny, smooth and healthier in its look than the normal human type of hair that is sold in your hair extension. It neither tangles nor will it get matted when washed. Virgin Remy hair is totally natural and raw because it has not undergone any type of processing. On the other hand, non-virgin Remy hair usually undergoes chemical processing procedures which contributes in it obtaining a different color or texture. Remy hair is unique on its own as it undergoes extraordinary care ensuring that the hair follicles are preserved. This special treatment is similar to the treatment that is used for the preservation of cashmere.

Different Categories of Remy Hair

There are different types of Remy hair. They include the single-drawn and double-drawn Remy hairs in which each type is unique on its own. The Double-drawn Remy is a hair that is organized or sorted out after being collected from the donor itself so as to ensure that the cuticles are similar in terms of their length while the Single-drawn Remy is a type of hair that has been obtained from the donor and are of different lengths. Double-drawn Remy is the least affordable type of hair since the cuticles are not easy to be sorted out and it is a very time consuming process.

Some Benefits of Remy Hair

Anybody who routinely uses this hair will go through less tangling and matting as compared to anyone who employs the use of regular hair extensions. In addition, it provides a natural look than the usual regular manmade hair extensions.

Unique Importance of using Remy Hair

Due to the special kind of care Remy requires to prepare the hair for sale, it is very expensive but worth its price.

Where can I Find Remy Hair for Sale?

Remy hair is available and can be bought from regular hair supply or beauty supply stores as well as online. You will be able to find a larger market of online sellers and if you cannot find it for sale in your area you can always ask your stylist to source it for you. There are a number of high quality, reputable and respected brands available to choose from, for example Johnson, Milky Way Hair and Outre Quick Weave Beverly.

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